103 players steroids

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This may be the worst list I have ever seen. First of all Serena Williams is not even the hottest Williams sister and probably not in the top 1,000 of all time. Seriously, I would rather look at a centerfold of Arantxa Sanchez Vicario. Kournikova is hands down the #1, with Ivonivic a close 2nd. If you are talking about in the entire history, does anyone remember Caroline Basset Seguso? Silly! How about Gabriela Sabatini, she was considered one of the best looking women period, during her time, not even in sports, but period! Dementieva, come on man are kidding me? How about Sorana Cristea? Please go out and buy some glasses, get some contacts or laser eye surgery and revise your list. For all men on the planet, this is an embarassment.

I think many players start this tradition in high school, certainly college – and it carries over into the NFL. There’s a lot that goes on behind the curtain. Did anyone read Josh Gordon’s interview by SI? He made it a point to be under the influence before each game, and when he wasn’t suspended, was the best WR in the league. It’s like anything else. They become dependent on it. It’s not good for health, but I also don’t think it impairs their ability to play considering how long they’ve been doing it.

103 players steroids

103 players steroids


103 players steroids103 players steroids103 players steroids103 players steroids103 players steroids