Alpha labs steroids review

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I must say their gear is legit, recently got blood work done and my test levels were sitting at 52nmol/L ('normal' range is - ) injecting 625mg test enanthate every 3 days. The tren is strong only ended up running it for 12 weeks, at the start had the tren cough then my body constantly was hot and would sweat so much, I've ran other labs and this one by far kicked my ass. For the viagra I can say this is the first ugl to finally work for me, I take 3 pills and I'm feeling it but still not as strong as the real stuff but it helps when you're taking tren and it helps to get you up. Another side effect I always get from viagra is the blue visions and I did get it from taking this, other labs never had that effect either.

Alpha labs steroids review

alpha labs steroids review


alpha labs steroids reviewalpha labs steroids reviewalpha labs steroids reviewalpha labs steroids reviewalpha labs steroids review