Anabolic steroid workout plan

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The muscles of the arms, the flexors and extensors, are recruited during many upper body exercises such as the bench press and chin up. The arm muscles will receive a significant level of stress from a routine which is composed of compound exercises, even if there is no curl or triceps extension exercise in sight. For some the focus is placed on the exercises which integrate several muscle groups, involving the arm muscles during the exercise movement, whilst opting to leave the isolation arm exercises from the routine. For those who follow a training split and wish to directly target the arm muscles for maximum growth, we have composed an arm workout which should significantly stress the triceps, biceps and other arm flexor muscles.

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Anabolic steroid workout plan

anabolic steroid workout plan


anabolic steroid workout plananabolic steroid workout plananabolic steroid workout plananabolic steroid workout plananabolic steroid workout plan