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Q. The HIV test came back POSITIVE! My very close friend 'Demonte'. One day in December as he was returning from a business trip, his wife met him at the airport with terrible news. During a routine pregnancy check up, her doctor had administered an HIV test along with other blood-work. The HIV test came back POSITIVE! The doctor wanted to begin administering drugs immediately but the cost of these drugs here when compared to their family income was prohibitive. I helped him with some of my savings. He already sold his favorite sentimental car to save his precious wife. Now i want to know is there any NATURAL medicine to cure this? Hope it costs less and available. A. there are no effective natural remedy for HIV. the medications are very hard ones that try to control the virus from spreading (cannot eliminate it though). no herbal remedy or nutrition change will do that.

how about addressing my eleven years of hell ffrom levaquin!!! the tendons, tendonosis, peripheral neuropathy, neerve damage and i know plenty of people who have the brain toxicity…. i have been all over the . and no one has any solutions!!! they say there is too much damage to operate…nice, huh??? if you had perisited in 8/1996 the petition to the fda, myself and thousands of others would not be in the shape we are in…. i thank god for my illinois state representative and the il attorney generals office for getting the ball rolling.(AGAIN)… i am still in contact with them, as is my illinois state rep is also…. fda has still not responded to the illinois atorney general’s petition of may 2005…. my BIG question to you… why did you not follow through with all of this in your first petition???? you could have saved thousands of people their quality of life…. even calls to you went un-answered…even after all the petitiones i have collected..(they are heart breaking) and trying to get a telephone call from you or and i even mentioned to your secretary i would fly to present to you all that i had of the VICTIMS of this class of drugs went un-answered…… at least my state rep and the illinois attorney general’s office listened to me and continue to do so and we are still working together on this….

Per the Wall Street Journal , Trump is expected to “issue guidance” to the Pentagon and Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis which will be somewhat clearer than his original three-part tweetstorm in July, which proclaimed trans people will no longer be allowed “to serve in any capacity” in the armed forces. There was no shortage of confusion over the tweets, which contained no actual information on how the president intended the Pentagon to carry the policy out, but did contain plenty of nonsensical rambling about “decisive and overwhelming victory.”

Anti steroid slogan

anti steroid slogan


anti steroid slogananti steroid slogananti steroid slogananti steroid slogananti steroid slogan