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Still, as governor, Schwarzenegger worked to improve the state's financial situation, promote new businesses, and protect the environment. In 2006, he easily won his bid for re-election. Throughout his career, Schwarzenegger has credited former . President Ronald Reagan as a personal inspiration. Remembering his early years in the United States, Schwarzenegger once said, "I became a citizen of the United States when [Reagan] was president, and he is the first president I voted for as an American citizen. He inspired me and made me even prouder to be a new American."

Before there was the Terminator and the Governator, there was the Austrian Oak. These are just a few of the nicknames Arnold Schwarzenegger has picked up over the years. He has had quite the versatile career, from bodybuilding and acting, to business and politics. Everyone knows the Austrian native, and he continues to please fans despite personal ups and downs.
Arnold was born in Austria, where he dreamed of living in the United States as a young boy. Realizing he had talent in weight-lifting, he focused on becoming a bodybuilder. When Arnold was 18 years old, he served in the Austrian army and also won a Junior Mr. Europe title. In his early 20s, the aspiring bodybuilder made it to Los Angeles where he trained at Gold’s Gym. His quick rise to fame as well as seven-time title of Mr. Olympia caught the attention of Hollywood. Arnold’s first movie was 1970’s Hercules in New York, but his the role of a lifetime wouldn’t come until 1984’s The Terminator.
Arnold’s acting career peaked in the late 1980s and 1990s. At the turn of the millennium, he shifted his focus to politics. He would go on to serve as the Governor of California between 2003 and 2011. His reputation took a hit when previous extramarital affairs were discovered, including fathering a son with a former housekeeper.

Arnold schwarzenegger prende steroidi

arnold schwarzenegger prende steroidi


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