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In 2006, students at Austin High School in Austin, Minnesota engineered a prank that capitalized on the unusual architecture of their school. A busy street separates two buildings on the school’s campus. Students can use the crosswalk or an underground tunnel to get from one building to the other. At an appointed time on the day of the prank, 94 students began filing across the street, using the crosswalk. Then they circled back through the underground tunnel and crossed the street again—and again, and again—creating an endless stream of pedestrians. Traffic was tied up for nearly 10 minutes as cars lined up waiting for the students (including one dressed as a cow and another as a chicken) to finish crossing.

I’ve always wanted a husky because they look a lot like wolves (and i wanted a wolf as a child, alright) and they seem like cuddly dogs. Only when I grew up did I face the reality that dogs aren’t easy to take care of and that they are a responsibility (cliche, I know). I wouldn’t want to own a husky who wouldn’t get the attention, care, food, etc that he needs. And while I almost had a husky when I was twelve (through a nice neighbor who wouldn’t fend for a litter of them), I’m ultimately glad that my parents prevented me from having a husky. Lord knows what a horror trying to care for a husky (without fully sufficient means) would bear!

Dog on steroids prank call

dog on steroids prank call


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