Ecdysteroids studies

The second main ingredient in Super Rhanderol is diosgenin, more commonly known as wild yam extract.  Diosgenin is a type of steroidal saponin. These compounds serve as a starting point for the semisynthesis of certain steroid hormones.  Studies specific to saponins and their effects on ecdysteroids show that the saponins enhance membrane permeation of cells to allow for an increase in the effectiveness of the ecdysteroids.  Diosgenin has been included in Super Rhanderol in order to enhance the effects of the Rhaponticum.

One study in puberal rats using peroral administration of 5mg/kg 20-hydroxyecdysterone (an estimated human dose of /kg based on body surface area [39] ) daily for ten days noted that supplementation was associated with a weight gain rate % greater than that of control, a level comparable to the reference drug methylandrostenediol and slightly lesser than turkesterone (%). [40] Ecdysterone triacetate and tetraacetate were also effective (-% greater than control), and the effects of 20-hydroxyecdysone appeared to be heavily reliant on the hormonal status of the rats since hypophysectomized and impuberal rats experienced little to no growth rate enhancement with 20-hydroxyecdysterone (yet they did with methylandrostenediol and nerobol; the androgenic controls). [40]

Ecdysteroids studies

ecdysteroids studies


ecdysteroids studiesecdysteroids studiesecdysteroids studiesecdysteroids studiesecdysteroids studies