Get big without steroids quick

Im 5,3 woman, 114 pounds. Is it possible to adapt my metabolism by consuming 2500 cals? It will of course in the beginning the body will blow out, having more fat, but slowly with consistency, the body will understand. So day by day, with a good routine of exercise, my body will transform, burning fat and muscle mass. I know that for you 30% is the right amount of protein, but i have been practicing it with 10% and i was really getting ripped, but in that time i was eating 1500 cals or less and of course i was getting crazy. I feel emotional stable between 2000-2500 cals or even on the days where i have intense exercsie i eat +3000cals. What do you think about this?

I've been working out seriously (at least 3-4 times a week) for 2 years and some change, never used steroids, prohormones, or any supplement aside from preworkout, whey protein and a multivitamin. Here's an album of my progress, starting from before I started working out and progressing up until the present. Couldn't find an actual shirtless pic of me before I started lifting, but you can see I was a pretty skinny motherfucker from the pic I provided. Started out 6'2", 170, am now 6'2" 215, and from some of the pics in the album during a bulk cycle I was around 230 (the ones where I look kinda fat). Started out benching 155, squatting 185, could do 5 pull-ups. Now I bench 365 and squat 495x2, can do 30 pull-ups and all my other lifts have gone up comparably. You don't need steroids to get strong, but you have to be patient waiting for real results. That said, your body will hold on to the gains better when you build them over time, naturally, as opposed to doing it in 1/5 the time with steroids.

Get big without steroids quick

get big without steroids quick


get big without steroids quickget big without steroids quickget big without steroids quickget big without steroids quickget big without steroids quick