Jintani labs oxandrolone

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04:18 Customer: So, if it is shipped back, I lose all my money?
04:19 : unfortunately yes
04:29 : Would you mind if I post this conversation on the online forums? I doubt most people realize there is a no re-ship policy. It would help people make a more educated decision. I mean, I will lose 400 bucks here. And you just get to keep my money, even though you got the gear back?
04:29 : we shipped your product
04:30 Customer: But, if you get it back, you can resell it.
04:30 : https:///
04:30 : reship policy is given here
04:30 : you should have read it before placing the order

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Jintani labs oxandrolone

jintani labs oxandrolone


jintani labs oxandrolonejintani labs oxandrolonejintani labs oxandrolonejintani labs oxandrolonejintani labs oxandrolone