Mcgwire steroids statement

Design:  Topps went with a vertical layout in 1985 and featured the team logo and name as well as the player name and position at the bottom. A look at Roger Clemens’ 1985 Topps rookie card is shown below as a reference of the regular set design. But Topps took a different design approach for the USA Olympic Team subset, cards number #389 to #404. For the Olympic Team cards, Topps featured a baseball in the upper left corner with “USA” in bold alongside a titled banner that reads “1984 United States Baseball Team”. Nice shots of players in their USA team uniform dominate the middle and in small print along the bottom you can see the player’s name and position.

[ Editor's Note: Chryste Gaines, MBA, Olympic gold and bronze medal sprinter and former teammate of Marion Jones in the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games, stated the following in a Dec. 22, 2008 email to in response to the IOC ruling:

"We are being unfairly punished. If the drug testing agencies cannot determine if an athlete is taking performance enhancing drugs how are the teammates supposed to know?... It negates all the family functions, church functions, and social events we missed in the name of winning an Olympic medal." ]

Mcgwire steroids statement

mcgwire steroids statement


mcgwire steroids statementmcgwire steroids statementmcgwire steroids statementmcgwire steroids statementmcgwire steroids statement