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Peter Wohlleben spent over twenty years working for the forestry commission in Germany before leaving to put his ideas of ecology into practice. He now runs an environmentally-friendly woodland in Germany, where he is working for the return of primeval forests. He is the author of numerous books about trees.

Tim Flannery is a scientist, explorer and conservationist. He is a leading writer on climate change and his books include Atmosphere of Hope and The Weather Makers .

Jane Billinghurst’s career has been in book publishing in the UK, the US, and Canada, as an editor, publisher, writer, and translator. She is the translator of the international bestseller The Hidden Life of Trees by German forester Peter Wohlleben.

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On 3 February 1929, Kürten stalked an elderly woman named Apollonia Kühn. Waiting until Kühn was shielded from the view of potential witnesses by bushes, Kürten pounced upon her, grabbing her by the lapels of her coat and shouting the words, "No row! Don't scream!" [38] before dragging her into nearby undergrowth, where he proceeded to stab her 24 times with a sharpened pair of scissors. [39] Although many of the wounds he inflicted were so deep they impacted her bones, Kühn survived her injuries. [40] On 8 February he strangled a nine-year-old girl named Rosa Ohliger into unconsciousness , before stabbing her in the stomach, temple, genitals and heart with a pair of scissors, spontaneously ejaculating as he knifed the child and inserting his semen into her vagina with his fingers. [41] He then made a rudimentary effort to hide Ohliger's body by dragging it beneath a hedge, [42] before returning to the scene with a bottle of kerosene several hours later and setting the child's body alight, [24] achieving an orgasm at the sight of the flames. [33] Ohliger's body was found beneath a hedge the following day. On 13 February, he murdered a 45-year-old mechanic named Rudolf Scheer in the suburb of Flingen Nord , stabbing him 20 times, particularly about the head, back and eyes. [43] Following the discovery of Scheer's body, Kürten returned to the scene of the murder to converse with police, falsely informing one detective he had heard about the murder via telephone. [44]

Peter true life i'm on steroids

peter true life i'm on steroids


peter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroidspeter true life i'm on steroids