Pre steroid era bodybuilders

Those claims are a bit asinine. The 727 one hand deadlift isn't too hard to get your mind around IF it involved lifting straps and a belt (nobody had those back then so...) but shouldering a 400 pound wooden barrel with one arm? How do you even start a lift like that? Cover the barrel with epoxy, strap the damn thing to your neck with a pulley and neck lift it to your gut and continental it up through only cervical spine lever and glue friction until you can roll it to your shoulder through some kind of miracle of geometry and physics until it reachs your shoulder and hope to god you have the stability to hold it on your shoulder for enough time to justify the lift?

Dave, nothing wrong with using bodyweight exercises, but I don’t see the benefits of using just bodyweight and kettlebell exercises. In my opinion, nothing can beat out free weights, but certain injuries/nagging pains causes us to adjust our workouts. I’m happy for you that you are in better shape now with bodyweight and kettlebell weights, but it would be wrong to assume that everyone would benefit by ditching free weights. I’m not blaming you for starting anything but I see a lot of bodyweight only and kettlebell only cults opening up condemning barbells and whatnot…. Simple fact, only barbells can build that type of rugged build that we are after… I didn’t say barbells exclusively, but I think that barbells are a must for building a solid foundation. Personally, I use bodyweight movements for conditioning and they work very well. I don’t bother with kettlebells because, quite honestly, I look like a giant fag doing them… Just my opinion, but I do love using them for high rep kettlebell rows and curls……

Pre steroid era bodybuilders

pre steroid era bodybuilders


pre steroid era bodybuilderspre steroid era bodybuilderspre steroid era bodybuilderspre steroid era bodybuilderspre steroid era bodybuilders