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Don’t provide more than two scenarios in your projections. Loan officers and investors are already drowning in paperwork, so do what you can to make their lives simpler. We’ve all seen projections with the following three scenarios: base (or likely) case, worst case, and best case. I’ve also seen super case and break-even case. My advice is to prepare just the base case and the break-even case. The base case should show what you realistically expect the business to do; the break-even case should show how low sales could go before the business begins to lose money.

Should you require them to provide additional advices to you after the Bankruptcy Order has been made this is not a service which they are presently providing within the fixed fee structure as set out above. Should you require additional advices from them post bankruptcy they would be willing to provide those to you and we will advise you beforehand what the additional charge to you will be. This will be calculated on an hourly rate, which they will agree with you prior to any charges being made. They will ask you to make a payment to them on account of their costs.

 Once the new database is fully operational, members of the professional support team may record information from inquirers on the basis that the details (including the identity of the inquirer) will only be available to members of that team. The system will ensure that this information cannot be obtained by members of staff who carry out the Society's regulatory function. Recording information in this way will enable 'hot topics' to be identified very early so that immediate action can be taken to address these, for example by issuing guidance on the Society's website. The database will also be used to provide general statistical information to be included in the Society's annual report.

Professional advice on steroids

professional advice on steroids


professional advice on steroidsprofessional advice on steroidsprofessional advice on steroidsprofessional advice on steroidsprofessional advice on steroids