Pupps steroid treatment

The probiotic I used was Lee Swanson “Ultimate Probiotic Formula” and it says on the front there are 66 billion organisms per cap. It’s a dark blue bottle with a goldish lid. The particular bottle I have has 30 caps in it, and it not very expensive (under $10 per). I have been using the probiotics for about a week now, and the PUPPS marks are completely gone where they had been ALL over by body (including me belly, chest, arms, legs, and yes – even face!) I have had consistent 90%+ relief and the last 3 nights I have even been able to sleep through the night without waking up and having to have an itch fest!

Hi, I loved this(your) post about Dandelions! But, I am writing for my beloved Aussie Shepherd, Johnny. 3 weeks ago he was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure and when I got him to the Vet, he could barely walk and his gums were blue. My Vet put him on Lasix 50mg and 3 times a day and told me that he may, have a couple of months to live, if I were lucky!
I researched for hours and days on ways to save my best friend and discovered Dandelion, which by the way, my yard is covered in!
Anyway, I have Johnny on a raw meat diet with bones, the vitamins he needs and I am working on taking him off of the Lasix, which will eventually lead to Kidney Failure. I am of course slowly replacing the lasix with All Dandelion.
My question is, how much is too much for him? I have been giving him about 5 small fresh leaves twice a day and still have Johnny on two lasix a day, because of his cough. I bought a juicer and plan on juicing the leafs, but I don't know how many to juice? I want to juice more and not give him lasix at all, but I want to make sure that I juice enough or not too much? He weighs 65 pounds, and by the way is already doing much better and so am I from eating it too! :)
Oh, and I am thinking on juicing 1 cup of the leafs and twice and day, but I am not sure if that is enough?
Sincerely and thank you, Penny.

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Pupps steroid treatment

pupps steroid treatment


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