Steroid puffiness face

The study you linked is the only one I’ve ever found that yeast has helpful benefits for aging skin. Note that it was a very small study with only 32 people, and other than the moisture content being measured, the other findings were all based on questioning of the subjects (people tend to answer as they feel the questioners want them to answer, they are based on recall, etc, lots of potential flaws so I take those results with a grain of salt). Only topical retinoids have been found to consistently have benefits in terms of reversal of lines and wrinkles.

I have . meibomian gland dysfunction ( means when I blink my eyes don’t produce the oil to lubricate ) so my eyes are permanently bloodshot , also the skin around them looks dry, wrinkly, red sore , very ageing also they itch & burn then peel !!! like others posting only relief has been from hydrocortisone cream , a long term no no on face never mind around the eyes . This product is amazing used now for two days the difference is apparent and the skin around my eyes is nearly back to normal ,they will always be bloodshot but at least looking more normal . A must try !!

Steroid puffiness face

steroid puffiness face


steroid puffiness facesteroid puffiness facesteroid puffiness facesteroid puffiness facesteroid puffiness face