Strongmen take steroids

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2 years ago, I would have felt differently about the back squat and would have disputed this article notwithstanding it being purely satirical, but as I get closer to 50, I really feel the strain on my back. My numbers were never huge, maybe 225 for 10 on a good day and if I felt better, I would throw a dime on each side. Prior to getting the 200s, I would do the bar, then 95, then 135, then 165, then 195, and so on, so I never made dramatic jumps like people who go 135, 225, 315 etc. Also, I went below parallel, and some people even thought I went atg, but even if I did I never felt justice was being done to my back. On high bar my chest was up and my form was solid and I had to lay off because of my back. On low bar 225 felt like 185, but eventually when I got into the mid to upper two hundreds my forward lean did not feel right. In fact, a haughty squat aholic who was working in with me because I have above average courtesy, which is slowly fading by the day, told me I was going to eff my back up doing it with a low bar and forward lean. I think maybe I had 250 on the bar and I more or less told him that when the bar is lower, the lever is smaller. He told me that’s all cross- fit sh%&, and he also acted like I never knew what a high bar squat was. I wrote him off as a typical d bag gym rat.
. At the same time that D bag, was squatting 315 for 8 with good form and high bar, so I couldn’t diss his ability and thought maybe he was a guardian angel in disguise. However, when he put 405 on the bar, he called out a bigger dude to spot him because he probably thought I was inept, and his forward lean was excessive and I think he barely made it to parallel. Talk about hypocrisy and he had a high bar with a lean worse than I can imagine. I could have been a jerk and asked him if I heard an echo, but I could have been more of a jerk when I saw him do half rep pull UPS between his squat sets. Oh well the dude is cocky, probably jacked up, but at least he says hi to me and fist bumps me, but if I talk him more than that I feel like he is bound to piss me off. I am sure I am not the only one, because he acts like he is an ad hoc personal trainer at the gym. Passive dudes will hang with him for only so long.
all, even you jacked up people who are primed to call me the female organ, I hope you don’t eff up your back for the sake of numbers and arrogance.

I'm older than you, I've never done steroids. Your program sounds amazing. Yoga and hiking are a great combination. I like lifting weights, too, though. Nothing like rock and roll coming through the headphones and cranking out the reps in the weight room. If you hadn't done the 'roids, you wouldn't have gotten as big, but you might not have had the torn ACL and labrum issues either. I haven't had any problem worse than some minor muscle strain, and that could have easily been avoided. Without steroids, muscle doesn't outgrow connective tissue.

Strongmen take steroids

strongmen take steroids


strongmen take steroidsstrongmen take steroidsstrongmen take steroidsstrongmen take steroidsstrongmen take steroids