T400 steroid

I'm using Nolva for my PCT. I have used it before with good success, though on my last cycle I PCT'd far too early coming off a test/EQ cycle. I want to be 100% sure I don't make the same mistake twice. Last time it was recommended to me to start my PCT about 4 weeks before test levels approach zero. According to my steroidplot by the end of 22 weeks there is still /day being released. I know undecanonate is a long lasting ester so this would be expected, but based on this when would it be recommended to start my PCT? Also since the cycle was only 8 weeks, would it still be recommended to do a full 4 weeks of Nolva at 40/40/20/20?

Injectable steroids make up the largest group of anabolic steroids and as such, the detection times of steroids in this class will be the most important. While oral steroids provide fast and amazing gains the gains made through injectable use are far more stable, and often easier to maintain. This is not to say you cannot hold gains made through oral use, but you will keep those gains to a stronger degree if injectable steroids are part of the total plan. For the majority of performance enhancers, oral steroids are simply an addition to an injectable based cycle; we can make an exception with many women as many women will find oral use only to be tremendously beneficial.

T400 steroid

t400 steroid


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