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To configure SharePoint to use a non-default SMTP port open SharePoint Central Administration, browse to System Settings > Configure outgoing email settings , and set the SMTP server port to the port number of your SMTP server. To configure SharePoint to use a non-default SMTP port in PowerShell, use the Set-SPWebApplication cmdlet with the SMTPServerPort parameter. For example: $WebApp = Get-SPWebApplication -IncludeCentralAdministration | ? { $_.IsAdministrationWebApplication -eq $true } Set-SPWebApplication -Identity $WebApp -SMTPServer -SMTPServerPort 587 -OutgoingEmailAddress sharepoint@ -ReplyToEmailAddress sh arepoint@ Related Topics What is SharePoint?

Winstrol v para que serve

winstrol v para que serve


winstrol v para que servewinstrol v para que serve